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Dry Eye Treatments

Get Lasting Relief From Dry Eye Symptoms

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Miboflo Thermoflo


MiBoFlo Thermoflo® is a quick, affordable, and painless treatment option for patients who suffer from dry eyes. Common symptoms are red eyes, sandy feeling eyes, and watering eyes. MiBoFlo uses a proprietary thermoelectric heat pump which provides a relaxing experience for the patient. The technician uses a small metal paddle and gel to gently massage the eyelid, warming the oil glands and eliminating any blockages. Patients utilizing this new treatment can expect three 10-15 minute sessions, with a potential maintenance plan afterward.

Whether you're a current patient or doctor somewhere else, we encourage you to give us a call and make an appointment today! We pride ourselves on our service, care, and attention to detail helping patients maximize their quality of life. 

Treat the Issue,
Not the Symptoms.

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Traditional eye wetting drops and other over-the-counter treatments are just temporarily relieving the symptoms of dry eye. MiBoFlo Thermoflo® offers patients lasting relief, because it's eliminating the source of the chronic issue instead of addressing the symptoms. At your next eye exam, talk to your doctor about your dry eye concerns, and we can talk with you more about the options and costs associated with this new, painless procedure.

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